Product Information

A 120 litre garbage bag is a great choice for households, small offices, clinics and shops. It is best suited for wheelie bins as a liner bag. If you’re looking for a reliable, practical way to dispose of your garbage, then look no further than the 120 litre garbage bag. Made from durable plastic, these large bags are an ideal size to fit most bins and have strong seams that make them resistant to tears and rips. This heavy-duty bag makes it easy to carry when disposing of your waste properly – no more struggling with loads larger than one person can safely manage. Thanks to their sturdy design and strength, these bags can hold all types of heavy disposal items without tearing or puncturing. If you’re looking for an efficient way to handle your rubbish removal needs, the 120 litre garbage bag is the perfect solution.

Color Black
MaterialHDPE virgin material
Size1100mm x 950mm
TearingDotted lines
Rolls25 bags/roll 
Carton8 rolls/carton 
Total qty 200 pcs/carton