Product Information

27L garbage bags are a great choice for a variety of cleanups, from everyday tidying to big cleaning projects. These bags are incredibly durable and conveniently sized, making them perfect for disposal of all types of household waste like old food packaging, paper towels, pet litter, and even wood chips. Garbage bags are an essential item in most homes and offices today. They’re great to have on hand for everything from everyday trash to organizing items for seasonal cleaning and decluttering projects.  The garbage bags are heavy duty bags, which resist tearing, stretching and splitting so you can be sure your mess is contained until the next trash day. It comes in a roll which is convenient to open, close and lift out of small spaces than traditional bin liners or larger sized garbage bags. So go ahead – grab your 27L bag and get ready to tackle whatever mess comes your way.

Color Black
MaterialHDPE virgin material
Size510mm x 590mm
TearingDotted lines
Rolls50 bags/roll 
Carton20 rolls/carton 
Total qty 1,000 pcs/carton