Product Information

Blue autocut hand towels, measuring 200m in length, are an indispensable and practical solution for maintaining hygienic hand drying practices in professional settings. Meticulously crafted with top-notch materials, these towels offer unparalleled absorbency and durability. The aesthetically pleasing blue hue not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves as a visual cue, distinguishing them from other types of towels and ensuring their exclusive use for hand drying purposes.

With an ample 200m length, these towels provide an enduring supply that minimizes the need for frequent refills and reduces maintenance efforts. The autocut feature guarantees a seamless dispensing experience, eliminating any wastage or risk of cross-contamination. This promotes both sanitation and convenience, making these hand towels an ideal choice for professional environments such as restaurants, office spaces, hospitals, and schools, where upholding cleanliness and hygiene standards is of utmost importance.

Rest assured, these hand towels are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional settings. Their reliable performance makes them a trusted and dependable choice for businesses seeking superior hand hygiene solutions.

In addition to their exceptional functionality, our autocut hand towels boast a luxuriously soft texture, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable drying experience. Their remarkable absorbency ensures hands are thoroughly dried with ease, while their cost-efficiency makes them a smart investment for businesses looking to optimize their budget without compromising on quality.

Choose our autocut hand towels for an unrivaled combination of softness, absorbency, and cost-effectiveness. Experience the pinnacle of hand hygiene in a professional setting.

  • Autocut Paper Material: Wood pulp paper
  • Material: Virgin Wood Pulp
  • Layer: Single Layer
  • Item Type: Centre-pull Tissue
  • Size: 19.5cm x 200m
  • Rolls per carton: 6
  • 866.66 sheets per roll/5200 sheets per carton
  • Single layer centre-pull rolls for increased hygiene
  • 1-ply tissue for comfort, softness and absorbency



9 kg


55 × 35 × 25 cm