Product Information

The brown kraft bag with a twisted paper handle has emerged as a favored option for restaurants, cafeterias and take aways seeking to enhance their brand image and deliver a polished experience to their customers through take-away bags. Crafted from top-notch, resilient kraft paper, these bags not only guarantee the safety of their contents but also exude an eco-friendly and sustainable ethos. The twisted paper handles are robust and ergonomically designed, ensuring a comfortable grip for customers, facilitating effortless transportation of their purchases. Moreover, the neutral brown hue of these bags serves as a blank canvas, allowing businesses to personalize them with their logo or brand message, thereby amplifying brand visibility and recognition. As the demand for environmentally conscious packaging solutions continues to surge, these brown kraft bags with twisted handles have proven to be an exceptional choice, seamlessly blending sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics – all pivotal elements in establishing a professional impression for businesses across diverse industries.



  • Perfect for using as a checkout bag and takeaway bag.
  • Made from recycled Kraft 100gsm paper.
  • Twisted paper handle with wider bottom. Holds up to 8kg.
  • Home & Industrial Compostable.
  • Various designs and sizes available.


SizeSmall, Medium, Large
MaterialRecycled Paper


Pcs/carton250 pcs



S, M, L