Product Information

Carton liners measuring 640mm(L) x 640mm(W) x 390mm(Gusset), specifically designed for the purpose of non-entrapment, offer utmost convenience and efficiency in various industries. These liners are carefully crafted to fit seamlessly into cartons of corresponding dimensions, ensuring optimal protection for goods during transit. Made from high-quality materials, they possess excellent strength and durability, guaranteeing enhanced product security throughout the supply chain. The non-entrapment feature ensures that items can be easily unpacked without the risk of damage or loss. Furthermore, these carton liners assist in safeguarding products against potential contaminants such as moisture, dust, and dirt. Their precise dimensions prevent any unnecessary movement or shifting within the packaging, thereby minimizing potential damage caused by impacts during transportation. Overall, Carton Liners 640mm(L) x 640mm(W) x 390mm(Gusset) Non-Entrapment offer an indispensable solution for professionals seeking reliable and efficient packaging options to preserve the integrity of their goods.

  • Covers full carton
  • Ideal for lining cartons/buckets
  • Effective for transportation 
  • Mainly used in food factories, butcheries, slaughterhouse and production facilities.
  • Bags are supplied on a convenient pack of 100 for quick and easy use.
Gusset    390mm
Width    640mm
Height    640mm
Thickness    25 µm
Color    Sky blue
Quantity   100 pcs/bag
Carton qty    500 pcs