Product Information

Cotton gloves made of a knitted seamless cotton/polyester blend, serve as an excellent choice for wearing as under gloves to enhance comfort in various professional settings. The unique combination of high-quality cotton and polyester fibers ensures exceptional breathability and softness against the skin. These gloves are meticulously created with seamless knitting techniques, resulting in a smooth and gentle fabric that minimizes skin irritation. Additionally, the lightweight nature of these gloves allows for easy hand movement without compromising dexterity or tactile sensitivity, enabling professionals to perform delicate tasks with precision. Whether used by healthcare practitioners during sterile procedures, laboratory technicians handling sensitive equipment, or even artists needing protection while working on intricate pieces, the cotton/polyester blend under gloves make for a reliable and comfortable choice that enhances overall work experience.


  • HACCP certified
  • protection from heat and cold
  • reduce perspiration
  • protection from unwanted and dangerous substances
MaterialPoly Cotton

Male/Female standard size

StandardHACCP certified
Qty600 pcs
Dimension315mm X 238mm X 237mm
Weight 6 KG



One size fit all