Product Information

Face shield protects yourself from droplets, blood, body fluids, or harmful chemical splash and spray with 180 degrees protection of Face Shield. It is made from a Polymer PVC, transparent, very clear, and completely washable or can be disinfected. This face shield is designed to protect your whole face, while the surface that contacts with the skin is a hypoallergenic sponge, supported by an elastic band that can be easily adjusted for a secure fit and suit all types of heads. This clear film has a double-sided anti-fog that ensures clear vision, while the foam strip thickness allows room for googles. Suitable for personal and professional use.

    • Professional grade protective face shield
    • 180 Degrees of design protection
    • Extra comfortable elastic foam band
    • Double-sided anti-fog
    • Reusable and easy to clean with disinfectant
    • 100% transparent, distortion-free face shield.
    • Impact & high-temperature resistant
    • Foam strip is soft and secure
    • Lightweight and comfortable to wear, quick and easy to put on
    • Protect face from blood, body fluids or harmful chemical splash
    • Easy to adjust for a custom and secure fit
    • Suitable for all head size
    • Excellent protection for full-face from saliva spray, droplet, dust and more
    • Suitable for personal and professional use



    6 kg


    66 × 38 × 35 cm


    Blue, White


    Polyethylene terephthalate, Polymer PVC, PU, Rubber

    Product Dimensions

    33cm x 22cm



    Product Weight


    Total quantity

    200 shields/carton