Product Information

Facial tissues have become an indispensable part of modern life, and their uses extend far beyond simply wiping noses and eyes. Facial Tissues are frequently used for cleaning up spills and messes, and are an essential tool in many workplaces, schools, and households. In addition, facial tissues are often used as a comforting tool, providing a sense of warmth and comfort to individuals who are feeling down or overwhelmed. With their soft texture and absorbent qualities, facial tissues are a versatile and essential product that is widely used and appreciated by people all over the world. Our facial tissues are soft and have absorbent disposable paper that is designed for use on the face. It is available in two different sizes and textures to suit different users and situations. 

One of the most important characteristics of our facial tissue is its absorbency. These are designed to be highly absorbent, which means they can quickly soak up moisture from the face without tearing or falling apart. This is crucial for their intended use, as it ensures that users can wipe away tears or blow their nose without experiencing any discomfort or irritation. Moreover, facial tissues are usually made from soft, non-irritating materials that do not scratch or damage the skin, making them ideal for use on sensitive areas.

  • Toilet Paper Material: Wood pulp paper
  • Material: Virgin Wood Pulp
  • Layer: 2 Layers
  • Available in 180 sheet and 100 sheets
  • Sheet size: 180 x 190 cm
  • Boxes per carton: 36 (180 sheets) and 48 (100 sheets)
  • 2-ply tissue for comfort, softness and absorbency



8 kg


46 × 35 × 43 cm