Product Information

Fragile tapes are reliable and convenient solution for securing delicate items during transport or storage. Our tapes are 48mmx100meters roll of fragile tape comes in a carton of 36 rolls.  This tape is specifically designed to provide optimal protection for your fragile possessions, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Crafted from a low tack adhesive, this tape won’t leave any residue on your goods once removed. Additionally, the bold red lettering of the “Fragile” warning printed on the tape serves as a clear indication to handlers that extra care is required when moving your fragile items. With a generous 100-meter length, this roll of fragile tape is sure to last you through numerous shipments or moves. At 48mm wide, it offers ample coverage while still being easy to tear by hand – no scissors required! In short, if you’re seeking peace of mind when sending breakable items, our reliable and convenient fragile tape is the perfect solution. Don’t take any chances with your fragile possessions – invest in our top-quality tape today.

  • Excellent adhesion and shear properties
  • Resistance to cold, heat and aging
  • UV stabilised – won’t lift off cartons
  • High mechanical strength and good impact resistance
  • Required standard despenser to use more effectively for busy environment
Length    100 meters
Width    48 mm
Thickness    50 µm
Adhesiveness      Hot melt glue
Color    Red/Black
Dimensions      330mm x 224mm x 308mm
Carton qty    36



10 kg


35 × 25 × 30 cm