Product Information

The 240L heavy-duty trash bag is a professional-grade solution designed explicitly for heavy-duty waste disposal needs. Whether it’s for commercial establishments, construction sites, or industrial facilities, this sturdy trash bag offers exceptional durability and strength. With a generous capacity of 240 liters, it can accommodate large volumes of waste efficiently. The bag’s robust construction ensures that it can withstand sharp objects, rough handling, and heavy loads without tearing or leaking. Made from high-quality materials, such as thick gauge plastic or reinforced polyethylene, the 240L heavy-duty trash bag provides reliable containment and prevents unpleasant odors from escaping. Additionally, its puncture-resistant design minimizes the risk of accidental spills during transport or disposal. This dependable and professional-grade trash bag is an ideal choice to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in demanding environments while streamlining waste management procedures effectively.

Color Black
MaterialHDPE virgin material
TearingDotted lines/perforated
Rolls10 bags/roll 
Carton10 rolls/carton 
Total qty 100 pcs/carton