Product Information

All purpose blue garbage bag are great for keeping your house tidy and carrying away all the junk. Additionally, these bags are comes in blue color which can assist for bigger corporations to differentiate for various department usage. It is made from a tear-resistant and durable plastic that can hold up to two 55-gallon bins worth of refuse, making it perfect for large households or greater cleanup needs. Not only do they do what they’re supposed to do (store and transport garbage), but the large capacity makes it even easier to empty out without having to resort to multiple smaller bags. Its wide mouth at the top is designed to fit on almost any garbage can while it’s easy to keep the bag securely sealed even when carrying it over your shoulder or placing it in a designated receptacle. With its built-in odor-blocking agents, this garbage bag will make sure unwanted aromas stay where they belong: in the trash. All in all, whether spring cleaning or just doing daily chores, a 75L garbage bag is sure to get the job done!

Color Blue
MaterialHDPE virgin material
Size750mm x 900mm
packagingConvenient pack of 50
pack qty50 bags/pack
Carton qty10 packs/carton 
Total qty 500 pcs/carton



6 kg


40 × 30 × 30 cm