Product Information

Pallet edge protectors are a must-have for any business involved in shipping or storage. These protectors play a crucial role in safeguarding the sides of pallets during transportation, preventing damage caused by rough handling or shifting loads. Made from durable and eco-friendly Kraft paperboard, these kraft pallet edge protectors provide excellent protection while being lightweight and easy to handle. Their corrugated design adds an extra layer of strength and resistance against impacts or compression, ensuring that your products arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

One of the best things about these pallet edge protectors is their versatility. They are compatible with a range of pallet sizes and can be easily cut down to size for custom fitting. This means that you can use them for a variety of products, regardless of their size or shape. Whether you’re shipping delicate electronics or heavy machinery, these protectors will keep your products safe and secure.

Using brown kraft pallet edge protectors is an essential step towards ensuring safe transportation and storage of goods. By preventing damage to your products, you can reduce the costs associated with returns, replacements, and lost sales. Plus, by choosing eco-friendly materials, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

In conclusion, if you want to protect your products and your bottom line, brown kraft pallet edge protectors are a smart investment. They are durable, versatile, and eco-friendly, making them an essential addition to any shipping or storage operation.

  • Avoid costly damage to products in shipment or in storage.
  • Use with strapping on skids.
  • Stabilizes strapped or stretch-wrapped loads.
  • Provides additional support when double-stacking pallets in warehouse.
  • Eliminates shifting loads.
  • Easily trims to your own size with an edge protector cutter.
Length    1,165mm
width    50mm
Height    50mm
Thickness    4mm
Color    brown kraft or white
quantity    25 pcs/bundle
Pallet qty    2,100 pcs