Product Information

2ply Toilet paper is an essential commodity to have in any home and office as it is soft yet strong, making it perfect for general use. It is made from two layers of tissue which have been glued together, giving you a product that is absorbent and able to withstand more use without tearing. Whether you are looking to stock up on your own supplies at home or buying in bulk for a business, toilet paper provides comfort and reliability while keeping costs down.
Our toilet paper rolls are super soft, absorbent and cost-efficient. 

One case of toilet paper contains 4 rolls, each toilet roll contains 400 toilet tissue sheets.
  • Toilet Paper Material: Wood pulp paper
  • Material: Virgin Wood Pulp
  • Layer: 2 Layers
  • Item Type: Toilet Tissue
  • Individual sheet size: 11cm x 10cm 
  • No of sheets per roll: 400
  • Rolls per carton: 48
  • individually wrapped toilet rolls for increased hygiene
  • 2-ply toilet tissue for comfort, softness and absorbency



7.5 kg


44 × 34 × 34 cm