Product Information

Powder-free clear vinyl gloves are a crucial component in many workplaces, particularly those that handle foods or medical products. These gloves provide a high level of protection against contamination while maintaining tactile sensitivity and dexterity. The powder-free design ensures that they are suitable for use in environments where powders may be a concern, such as medical facilities or clean rooms.

Moreover, the clear vinyl material is advantageous in providing visual confirmation of proper glove usage and identifying punctures or tears. Given their versatility and affordability, powder-free clear vinyl gloves are often the preferred choice for industries that require safe and hygienic hand protection without compromising performance.

Powder-free clear vinyl gloves are an indispensable tool for maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace. Their ability to provide superior protection against contamination while maintaining tactile sensitivity and dexterity makes them a go-to choice for many industries. By selecting the appropriate size and following proper use guidelines, these gloves can help ensure optimal protection for workers and consumers alike.


  • TGA Approved
  • HACCP certified
  • Odor free
  • Powder free
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Protection from unwanted and dangerous substances
  • A beaded cuff ensures easy donning and prevents roll down


StandardHACCP certified
RegulationsTGA approved
Dimension315mm X 238mm X 237mm
Weight 6 KG



6.5 kg


34 × 23 × 23 cm


S, M, L, XL