Product Information

Disposable ponchos are a ubiquitous feature of many industries, including the food and pharmaceutical sectors. These ponchos provide an effective barrier against moisture and other contaminants, protecting workers and products alike. Most disposable ponchos are made from lightweight materials like polyethylene or polypropylene, which are easy to dispose of after use. They come in a pocket size packaginng, making them flexible enough to fit any workplace requirements. Disposable ponchos have become increasingly popular due to their convenience—they can be quickly distributed among workers, stored in bulk quantities, and easily replaced when damaged or soiled. Apart from the benefits they offer in terms of worker safety and hygiene, disposable ponchos also help facilities maintain compliance with industry regulations around cleanliness and hygiene.



14.5 kg


43 × 40 × 30 cm




One size fit all

Carton Quantity

200 pcs

Product Dimensions

145cm x 85cm

Product Weight

70 grams


HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification