Product Information

Non-woven shoe covers are an essential piece of equipment for many jobs, protecting shoes and floors from dirt, dust, and debris.  Not only do they protect your shoes from dirt and other debris, but you get the added bonus of increased traction when walking on slippery surfaces. The polypropylene material is lightweight and breathable while still being incredibly durable, so these shoe covers should last you a long time. Non-woven shoe covers come in a blue and 170mmX410mm size to suit different needs – whether you’re looking for disposable simple protection or something more durable these shoe covers are best. They provide the perfect blend of convenience and safety, making them ideal for those who need frequent changes in their workplace attire.


  • HACCP certified
  • Blue color
  • Odor free
  • Patterns at the bottom to make them anti-slip
  • protection from unwanted and dangerous substances
MaterialNon-woven polypropylene and Elastic


StandardHACCP certified
Dimension400mm X 310mm X 570mm
Weight 12.2 KG



14 kg


54 × 54 × 32 cm